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Turn your favorite pictures and memories into beautiful canvas prints. Digitally printed on gallery-quality semi-gloss canvas, these prints are perfect for any room in the house. Hand-wrapped across a 1.5" wooden frame your print comes with a sawtooth bracket for quick installation and hanging. Choose from three edge options and get your custom canvas print today!


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Your Memories On Stunning Canvas Prints

Our custom canvas prints come in a wide variety of sizes including square and panoramic sizes perfect for that landscape shot. Get a single print, several prints for a wall collage or take one image and split it across multiple sizes to create a multi-panel print. Simply select one of our 21 different sizes, upload your photo(s) and we’ll take care of the rest. Stunning canvas prints that are unique to you are as easy as that.


tree and landscape canvas print
  • CanvasPrints Frame Thickness

    Frame Thickness:

    1.5” stretcher frame for a
    beautiful and bold print.

  • image-quality

    Image Quality:

    World class printers coupled with superior canvas ensure that your photo is printed with rich color and doesn’t lose any quality when printed.

  • Hand Crafted

    Hand Crafted:

    Each and every one of our custom canvas prints is hand crafted, stretched and stapled to a wood frame.


Full Wrap

Your design or picture will be wrapped onto all four edges of your print.


Your design or picture will be mirrored onto all four edges of your print.

Brilliant White

A soft, white edge will be printed for all four edges of your print.

Midnight Black

A dark, black edge will be printed on all four edges of your print.

photo retouching

Photo Retouching

You’ve made memories, you’ve got pictures, you want canvas prints, but your photos need a professional’s touch.

Let our professional graphic designers help you out and make your picture as awesome as the memory itself. We offer free retouching services for your pictures. Start the process today by clicking below.


Why Buy From Us?

One Day Production

Order Today. Ships Tomorrow.

25+ Years Experience

Years of experience, expertise and beautiful prints.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You’ll love it! We guarantee it!

Free Photo Retouching

Make your picture perfect for free.

Additional Specs

  • Frame Thickness:

    Hand-wrapped around a 1.5" stretcher frame.

  • Details:

    Printed on a white semi-gloss canvas material, your print will also come with a hanging kit that contains a sawtooth bracket and screws for easy hanging or mounting on rigid surfaces.

  • Print Method:

    Full color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade, and abrasion resistant UV ink.

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    5+ years with proper placement and care.

  • Uses:

    Interior use only. Home decor, offices, lobbies, hallways, classrooms, art galleries, and an endless list of personal and professional settings.

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Verified buyer
September 26, 2021 by Dawn ( VA )
“All arrived secured, but each part of the first letter and last letter was slightly wrapped around the canvas.”
Verified buyer
Outstanding quality and service...HUGS to you. September 18, 2021 by Robin ( UT )
“I am pleased. I have been looking for a source to handle print and shipments to customers. Found it.”
Verified buyer
August 11, 2021 by Josh ( MA )
“Good quality and price”
Verified buyer
Quality prints August 4, 2021 by Ryan ( IN )
“Very pleased with the quality of the prints. Given the quality and the cost savings, this is the way to go.”
Verified buyer
July 23, 2021 by Paulette ( NY )
“Colors were exactly what I wanted, bright and vibrant. Thank you”

Questions and Answers

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What is canvas? What is a canvas wrap or print?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Canvas is technically a plain-woven fabric that currently is most often made from linen or cotton. In the past hemp was also used to produce canvas. This type of fabric is most commonly used for painting and even for making sails and tents. Canvas is also an excellent material on which to digitally print your favorite and most memorable pictures or artwork. It is often wrapped around some kind of wooden frame and hung in personal and business settings. Hence, sometimes it is called a canvas print or canvas wrap. The two terms are usually interchangeable with the latter term usually implying that a wooden stretcher frame or bars are included. Our canvas prints come stretched over a 1.5" wooden frame for a high-quality, finished look.
If canvas is made out of cotton or linen, does my print lose any clarity or quality when printed?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Our canvas prints are printed on a semi-gloss white canvas which means your artwork will be printed on a slightly textured surface. While you can’t expect the high glossy photo finish that you may get when printing on photo paper, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the quality and clarity of your print. Canvas photo prints are a very widely used and a common way to print artwork and personal pictures for decorative purposes.Having said that, the clarity and finish of your canvas print will be determined first and foremost by the original picture you upload to the site. Pictures or files that are out of focus or have inferior resolution quality (low DPI or pixelation) will have the same issues when printed on canvas or any other material. Assuming you have a high-resolution photo, especially for large canvas prints, you will end up with a high-quality print.
So is there a difference between stretcher frames/bars and a standard wooden frame?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Yes. Typically a stretcher frame or bars is what you see canvas wrapped around or stretched across. This is a simple frame that the print is wrapped around and stapled to and can be easily hung from any rigid surface. This is the most common method for canvas wrapping. A standard wooden frame refers to an additional frame inside which the wrapped canvas sits. Our canvas wraps do not include additional framing.
How is my canvas print attached to the stretcher frame? Will it lose its stretched appearance and become “loose” over time?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

After being printed, your custom canvas print is hand-wrapped by one of our experienced professionals across a durable, yet light, wooden stretcher frame. As described above, this stretcher frame is common in the art industry. The stretched canvas is attached to this “frame” by small staples on the back side. Whether you select the Mirror Image, White or Black edge option (described more fully below) these staples will not be visible from the front or sides of your print. While all stretched materials can lose tautness over time, assuming no damage to the print, your canvas should remain tightly stretched across the stretcher frame for an extended period.

Is there an option just to order the print and buy my own frame?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Ordering just a canvas print without the stretch frame/bars or decorative frame is often referred to as buying “unstretched canvas” or “rolled canvas.” At the current time, we do not offer unstretched canvas prints. All prints come stretched across the 1.5" thick wooden frame with one of three edge options. We anticipate offering unstretched canvas prints, in addition to the wrapped or stretched canvas we currently offer, in the future.
What thickness is the stretcher frame? Any other thickness options?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
We currently offer frames that are 1.5” thick. This 1.5" thickness provides a durable yet aesthetically pleasing frame for your custom canvas print. We currently do not offer any other frame thickness.
Do you offer easel backs or another backing to display my print on my mantel?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

At the current time, we do not offer easel backs (similar to photo frames) or backings that would allow you to prop up your canvas print on a table, mantel, or other flat surface. Easel backs are available with a number of our Signs For Home products including glossy photo prints and matte photo prints.

What sizes do you currently offer? Any custom size? Any restrictions?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
While we offer a wide variety of standard sizes, we currently do not offer custom sizes. If you need help cropping a picture or file in order to make your artwork fit one of the sizes listed below please contact us for free design services. The sizes we offer are listed below. Please note that for each size listed the dimension can be flipped for a print of the opposite orientation. For example, a 12" x 18" print would give you a vertical portrait while 18" x 12" would give you a landscape print. We have not listed the flipped or opposite orientation sizes but these are all available in the size drop down menu on our design tool. Standard Sizes: 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 12" x 16", 12" x 18", 16" x 20", 16" x 24", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", 32" x 48" Square Sizes: 12" x 12", 16" x 16", 24" x 24"
Why is shipping so much if you offer free shipping?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

We offer free shipping on all orders over $99 with the exception of rigid signs that are over 36” in either dimension or any order that requires freight shipping. Thus, for your custom canvas print order, shipping will only apply for a few of the many sizes we offer unless you have another large rigid sign as part of your order.

Can I wrap my canvas on my own custom frame?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
As noted, we currently only sell canvas prints with a 1.5" frame thickness. We do not currently offer just the canvas print. We anticipate offering canvas prints without frames sometime in the near future.