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Announce Your Business Reopening With Custom Signs

Grand Opening Signs & Banners

Businesses have struggled during the pandemic, but the situation has taken a turn for the better. Lockdown restrictions have gone away, and it’s time to open doors once more. It’s crucial to inform customers that your business is reopening so that they know what to expect. Make your reopening start strong with the following tips:

Discover the Top Five Print Products for Reopening Your Business

  • Go big with banners. – Go big or go home! Display large vinyl banners on your storefront to build anticipation and to inform customers that the reopening draws near. You can also display these in areas with heavy foot traffic for maximum impact.

  • Say hello with yard signs. – Use yard signs to cover communities with your reopening advertisements. Since these signs are affordable, you can put up multiple signs in key areas to drive your message home.

  • Impress with posters. – Is your establishment inside a mall or a commercial building? Put up posters so that potential customers can find information about your reopening. You can also stick the posters in community boards near your store.

  • Inspire repeat business with flyers and menus. – Send out promotional flyers and updated menus to your loyal customers to entice them to come back. You can also slip flyers into residential mailboxes and commercial pigeonholes.

  • Put your brand on your box with custom branded boxes. –Combining traditional sales with e-commerce is the norm now. Make sure to reinforce your branding with your online sales. Having exquisitely designed custom boxes can help with word-of-mouth advertising.

Ways to Let Customers Know You’re Reopening

  • Signage and Vinyl Banners – One of the simplest ways to announce your reopening is by displaying signs. Use large vinyl banners for maximum visibility and complement it with several smaller signs to create constant visual reminders that last.

  • Promotional FlagsFlags that sway with the wind are as attention-grabbing as it gets. Display promotional flags in areas leading to your establishment. It gives your grand reopening a festive feel that can’t be replicated.

  • EDDM® Postcards and Direct Mail – Send your announcements and promotions directly to your customer’s doorstep. Our direct mail services can help you reach a new audience in a specific neighborhood or ZIP code.

  • Business Website – Use your website to make announcements about your reopening. Keeping your website up-to-date will help customers looking for your business on search engines. You want customers who search about your establishment to see that you’re reopening soon and what time they can visit.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy – Use your social media channels to announce your reopening. Consider posting short, captivating videos on TikTok or Instagram. You can also join local groups and online communities where you can promote your business. Use this to communicate with customers, both new and old. You can join local groups and communities too.

  • Email Marketing – Use your email subscribers to send out exclusive promotions. By sending periodic emails, you’ll be able to reach customers who probably haven’t seen your physical advertising efforts.

  • Offer Discounts and Sales – You can also have a special sale just for the reopening. While it may seem counterintuitive to immediately put items on sale as you reopen, having a sale will drive more people into your store. With the additional foot traffic in-store, more people will become aware that your business has reopened.

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