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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Retractable Banner

Article Date: May 2, 2024

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Retractable banners are becoming more common as promotions and marketing become more recurring and competitive. Retracting banners are one of the most sought-after materials for their ease of use and "display anywhere" feature. They are the best form of innovation with print marketing, and professionals always use them to upsell products, ideas, and events.


One of the many perks of the retractable banner is its ease of use. Simply put, these banners are easy to set up and take down. Not to mention their professional form factor and durability make these banners excellent to look at and easy to store when not in need. You don't need to be an experienced stagehand or a marketing genius to use these simple banners. But this article may give you some pointers for setting up and taking care of this innovative banner.

The Full Retractable Banner Set: Here's What You're Getting


Carry case/bag: When your order gets delivered, you’ll receive a protective case that houses the entire retractable banner and its parts. This essential accessory lets you properly store and organize your banner when not in use.


Protective aluminum base: The aluminum base holds the entire retractable banner together. It stores the vinyl/fabric banner inside and uses a mechanism to unroll and retract the graphic, showing the banner design.


Metal poles: The telescopic metal poles are the vertical support frames for the banner. These attach to the base and stand straight up, letting you extend or retract them. The pole’s top end is where you hook the graphics.


Banner graphic: The printed banner you receive is already loaded inside the aluminum base, with a mounting strip attached to one end. The banner is made from glossy vinyl or UV fabric and comes in different sizes.


Optional LED lights: The optional lighting equipment easily attaches to the top of the retractable banner. They bring visibility to the sign, especially in dark areas. Do note that these lights don’t fit inside the carrying case.

Putting Up the Banner: A Step-by-Step Guide


  • Step 1: Put your carrying case near your set up area. Take out all the banner parts and lay them down near you so you can get them when you need it. Don’t forget to clear out any unnecessary items laying around the vicinity.

  • Step 2: Attach the aluminum poles together. Connect the two ends by sliding the larger top piece over the smaller end. Check if you can adjust their length and set it at its shortest height first.

  • Step 3: Attach the bottom end of the pole to the retractable base’s dedicated slot. Ensure the pole is tightly inserted inside the base’s hole. Check if the pole can sturdily stand on its own.

  • Step 4: Slowly pull out the banner from the aluminum base and carefully attach the mounting strap to the top of the pole. See if the graphic is taken out without getting snagged and check if there are creases on it first.

  • Step 5: Once the graphic is attached to the pole, extend the entire banner by adjusting the pole’s height to its required length. Twist the pole clockwise the secure the poles together and lock the banner in place. Attach the optional LED lights on top of the banner and you are done!

  • STEP5.1

FYI: Facts About Retractable Banners

So, you finally set up your banner. Congratulations! You can now put your retractable sign anywhere you need and watch heads turn toward your brand. But wait, there’s more to these banners you may want to know! Customization, cleaning, and simple maintenance of these banners can also work to your advantage!

Fact 1: Banner Types

Did you know? offers three types of retractable bases and two banner types. You can choose between our standard, premium, and deluxe retractable bases for banners. We also have two material options for your graphics — one is UV fabric and the other, glossy vinyl.







Fact 2: Replacement Banners

You can replace the banners inside the retractable bases. You can request banner-only printing to save on your retractable banner and reuse your base. Indicate the size of your base, and we’ll deliver you the appropriate graphic. Just be careful about how you’ll load it in your base.


Fact 3: Auto-Retract Feature

Like a tape measure, banner bases have an auto-retract mechanic, letting the graphic automatically slide inside the base. Despite this feature, care is essential when taking down the banner. Avoid allowing the banner to retract on its own to prevent damage to the banner and base.


Fact 4: Banner Maintenance

Unlike most banners, cleaning and maintenance of the retractable banners are minimal since the base serves as its protective housing. Storage and keeping are also made easier with the base fitting different carrying bags and cases. If the banner gets stained, it can be removed by wiping the graphic with a damp cloth and then dried with a soft towel afterward.



Signs and banners have always been the industry standard for promoting events and attracting potential attendees tradeshows. And while their designs constantly change, their presentation also evolves and improves alongside their aesthetics. The retractable banner offers an effortless way to put up and take down the signs in style. This combination of artistic design and easy housekeeping makes the retractable banner an enticing addition to any promotional repertoire.

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