Top Ten Signs You’re Too Obsessed With Your Wedding


Weddings have gotten a little bit ridiculous. Sure, it’s an important day in your life. Maybe the most important. But let’s keep things in perspective, shall we? It’s a party that lasts a few hours. The marriage (hopefully) will last much, much longer. How do you know if you’re too obsessed with your wedding? Check out these 10 signs.


Is your last name Jolie? Kidman? Bullock? Didn’t think so. Seriously, it’s a dress you’re going to wear for like eight hours. You’re not getting an Academy Award, you’re just getting married. Lots of people do it. Wearing dresses that cost less than a sub-compact car. 


Ok, it’s one thing to have your flowers clash with everything at the wedding… another to be so anal that you’re holding up color swatches.


Poor guy. Though if you’re that high maintenance, maybe it’s worth the money just to get you out of his house.


Um… that show is making fun of the horrible brides. Stop throwing fits at the bridal shop, or the seamstress just might take your dress in until it’s a size 2. 


For the same price, you could feed a family in a third-world country for a year. Or you can be Marie Antoinette. She was beheaded, so the whole cake thing didn’t really go that well for her. Just sayin’.


Just as well, since you made the seamstress so mad. Hopefully you don’t pass out on your way down the aisle. Starving yourself is not sexy.


But hey, who needs best friends? You probably.


She’s probably wondering how in the world she raised such a spoiled brat. You’re going to want her around when you have that first fight with your new husband.  Who else will listen to your rants? Better apologize now.


It’s not a rave, Sugar. It’s a wedding. You’re not supposed to invite everyone on your Facebook page.


You’re so wrapped up in yourself, you’ve completely forgotten about him. You do remember that you’re actually agreeing to spend your life with the guy, right?