Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media

Top 10 Signs You're Addicted to Social Media

Social media is everywhere in today’s society. It keeps us connected, helps us promote our companies, and generally takes up most of our free time. But, there are those individuals who take social media use to a whole other level. You know who you are . . . but if you’re in denial, here are our Top 10 Signs you’re addicted to social media!

Top 10 Social 1You just ate something. You just bought something. You have indigestion (or gas). Time to post a new status!

Top 10 Social 2Your “friends” would be lost if you didn’t post a funny cat pic every day.

Top 10 Social 3But you only actually know 68 of them.

Top 10 Social 4When there’s a cataclysmic event it’s imperative to tweet about it immediately, but using only 140 characters. HOLY COW! JUSTIN BIEBER JUST . . .

Top 10 Social 5The IT guy looked at your browsing history. He didn’t find porn . . . he saw that you’d been spending six hours a day reading about how awesome all of your friends lives are.

Top 10 Social 6You have 347 pins of dream kitchens on Pinterest because you just know that the 500 sq. foot kitchen in your tract home can be transformed someday.

Top 10 Social 7It doesn’t matter that it only updates once a day. You know that. But you still just want to see if, just maybe this time, it updated early.

Top 10 Social 8It doesn’t matter that it only updates once a day. You know that. But you still just want to see if, just maybe this time, it updated early.

Top 10 Social 9Come on! Be honest now. You germy zealot.

Top 10 Social 10Don’t worry. You’re not the worst narcissist you know. There’s always . . . Narcissus himself.

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