Top 10 Signs You’re A Born Magnate

Top Ten Signs You're a Born Magnate

Some people have what it takes to become a titan of industry; others… don’t. How can you tell? If your last name isn’t Rockefeller, Carnegie or Trump you might wonder. Here are the top 10 signs you’re a born magnate. Now get out there and earn those millions!

Born Magnate 1

At four years old, your big brother wanted to borrow your allowance to buy the latest video game. You happily acquiesced; of course, you charged him 120% interest, compounded daily.

Born Magnate 2

Selling Beanie Babies on eBay turned out to be a financial boon. By age twenty-four, you’d sold your fourth business for millions and paid off your parents’ mortgage. Time for number five…

Born Magnate 3

While the other high school kids were hanging out at the pool, picking up chicks and working on their tans, you spent your summers interning at the law firm and volunteering at one of Forbes Top 10 Companies. Now who gets the hot chicks?

Born Magnate 4

Billy conquered level 10 of Missile Command on his Atari. You… learned how to build a computer in your parents’ garage.

Born Magnate 5

Remember in fourth grade when you talked Buster Carlisle out of beating you up? Your eloquent, persuasive repartee worked magic on a thick-necked, ten-year-old bully. Imagine the web you can weave with an thick-necked, forty-year-old in a business suit.

Born Magnate 6

The latest pyramid scheme? You’re on the first level. Oh wait… they call those “multi-level marketing” ventures, don’t they? Whatever. Just keep filling up that downline. You’re gonna be a bjillionaire!

Born Magnate 7

Much like the vampires in Twilight, you don’t seem to ever need sleep. Instead, you’re busily tapping away on your laptop or finishing up that last bit of paperwork.

Born Magnate 8

Your boss at the Tastee Freeze wasn’t so keen that you blatantly flouted his authority. But turns out, you don’t need to be bossed around by other people—you’re a born leader. Instead of schlepping burgers and saying, “Yes, sir,” to Mr. Manager, you’ve spent those years since high school refining your talents to tell other people what to do.

Born Magnate 9

Get a sheep dog in front a flock of sheep and you’ll see what I mean. You just can’t tear him away from his herding duties, no matter what. You’re pretty much the same, except without the fur. Vacation? Sick day? Movie with friends? No, thank you. You have an empire to build.

Born Magnate 10

OK, so you were literally born a magnate. Try not to blow all your inheritance on Monolo Blahniks, bottles of Cristal and illegal drugs. Because the scrabble-their-way-to-the-top magnates? Can’t stand you.