Top 10 Signs Your Business is Doomed From the Start


Starting a new business is tough. So tough that some businesses just never quite make it, and they close their doors in the first year. We hope that doesn’t happen to you. But if you’re planning on starting a business, or have just started one, you might want to check that these 10 signs your business is doomed from the start don’t apply to you.


…of the alley. No wonder the rent was so cheap.


Apparently, the politically-incorrect tattoo on his forearm is infected.


Because he’s on his way to Aruba with your money. That MLM seemed like a good idea at the time…


He just called…from jail. Apparently, his involvement in shady dealings with the mafia was noted by the FBI… and meticulously recorded for posterity. Not only is the $50k you gave him gone, but he’s informed you the “Guido” is on his way to collect the rest of what he owes…from you.


Your store is “Best Bundt Cakes.” The new store is, “The Very Best Bundt Cakes in the Whole Wide World!” And, the prices are lower.


Two of the three got food poisoning. The other? She just hated you.


She slipped in the snow on your front sidewalk and broke her hip. She’ll be fine… but her insurance company might contact you regarding liability.


As soon as he’s recovered from his bout of food poisoning.


Fire hoses tend to do that. Apparently, an electrical short just caused your shop to burn to the ground. Good thing you have that insurance policy, huh? You DID pay the premium, right? Uh oh.


When you write “Grand Opening” on a piece of white poster board, using a blue, ball-point pen, it’s a sure sign that your business is doomed. Instead, create some beautiful custom signage from