Top 10 Signs You Really Have the Luck ‘O the Irish


With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we got wondering: what, exactly, IS the “luck o’ the Irish?” Some say that the phrase was coined during the California gold rush of the 1850’s, when a good number of Irish gold miners struck it rich.

But other sources say the the phrase is sarcastic. Given Ireland’s long history of famine, political strife and other tragedies, the Irish aren’t very lucky. Therefore, the luck of the Irish isn’t good luck at all. With that in mind, we’d like to present you with the Top 10 Signs You Really Have the Luck O’ the Irish… and it ain’t good.

But no one told you that the previous owners were cooking meth in the basement. Your contractor says it should only cost about $80,000 in renovations to make it habitable.

While you were gone, your co-workers pooled their resources to buy a lottery ticket. And won the Mega Million Powerball Jackpot of 5 billion dollars.

Too bad you’re seated next to a 350 lb. woman with halitosis. So she’s taking over half your seat. You’ll live… it’s only an 11 hour flight!

Then your water heater broke. 30 gallons of rusty water did a pretty good job of ruining your carpet, drywall and baseboards.

Turns out, your marketing involves cold calling from the phone book to get people to sign up for an MLM scheme. But hey, you got in on the ground floor! So eventually you’re sure to make it big…

During hurricane season. Instead of basking on the beach, you’re huddled on a cot in an evacuation shelter.

With triplets. And you already have four kids. And your husband just lost his job. What you really need right now is another three years without sleep.

But the neighbor you gave your money to just got arrested… for affinity fraud.

Well, he was the man of your dreams… until you found out that he’s already married (to three other women in three other states). And he’s a convicted felon. You really know how to pick ‘em!

You probably shouldn’t have left it running in the driveway while you went in the house to get her. By now it’s at a chop shop, getting torn apart for re-sale. You did add it to the insurance policy, right?