Top 10 Signs You Ordered From

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From

Think all online sign companies are the same? Well before this week, maybe the answer to that question was yes. But now that has launched our all new website. There is no comparison! Here are the Top 10 Signs you ordered your signs from

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 1
We see that your banner is welded (not glued) on all four sides. No raw edges, no glue that comes undone, leaving your banner flapping in the breeze. Must be a quality banner from

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 2
Because you ordered your sign from So the ink won’t fade. That spicy red and passionate purple will be just as vibrant a year from now as it is today… not faded to pink and lavender.

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 3
Thanks to the comprehensive installation directions you found on the website, your window decals are fabulously flawless. Bubbles are for champagne, not signs… pour some to celebrate your beautiful new windows!

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 4
Nope. You just used the design tool on our website. So you were able to take a professionally-designed template and customize it to include your logo, colors and information. It only looks expensive!

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 5
Why? Because you had so much extra time to focus on all the tiny details that make your business run smoothly, thanks to our stellar customer service team. When you needed our help, we picked up the phone on the first ring and answered all your questions.

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 6
No Comic Sans for you! We can tell that you read our blog post, “Sign Design: Choose the right font” and applied your new found knowledge to your sign design. Well done!

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 7
Yup, that’s our fault. Our new design tool is so much fun to play with that you stayed up all night, reveling in the many customization possibilities. Well, now you’ve got some really cool, customized signs. You can always take a nap later this afternoon.

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 8
At, grommets are standard on all our custom vinyl banners and they’re installed every 24 inches (or at the optimal rate for your banner size). So you don’t have any saggy, droopy banner action going on.

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 9
They’re not too small… they’re not too large… they’re juuust right. At, your sign can be just about any size you want. We don’t make you stick to standard sizes, so your sign fits perfectly. It’s big enough to be seen and small enough not to be annoying. Goldilocks loves us, too.

Top 10 Signs - You Ordered From 10
You placed your new wall decals on the wall in the family room and put all the furniture in place. Then your wife wanted the 400 pound entertainment center moved to the opposite wall. No problem.’s wall decals are removable and repositionable, so your cool new wall art can be moved as often as your wife wants. Now you just need a chiropractor.