Top 10 Signs You Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

Top 10 Signs You Aren't in Kansas Anymore

The movie Oz the Great and Powerful opens in theaters across the country today. We hope there’s no confusion, but in case there is, here are the Top 10 Signs You Aren’t in Kansas Anymore.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore
Even in 1939, Frank Baum knew the importance of a stylish pair of shoes. If you look down at your feet and they’re adorned with sparkly, ruby red flats… you’re not in Kansas anymore.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore
No, monkeys don’t fly. And they aren’t native to Kansas, either.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore3
Do you dream in color? If you’re no longer in Kansas you do.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore4
Kansas has a pretty low homicide to begin with. But no one in Kansas’ history has ever killed someone by dropping a house on her.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore5
No matter how many flying monkey chase you, no matter how many mean witches grab you up, your hair stays perfect and you pinafore is spotless. You can’t even prune the roses in Kansas without getting dirty and disheveled.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore6
Kansans once relied on the likes of Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok and Bat Masterson to save them from the bad guys. They never cried. Ever.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore7
In Kansas, the best you can hope for is a flash mob at the local mall.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore8
If you throw water on the local witch in Kansas, she’ll just have you arrested for assault.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore9
If you were still in Kansas, surely he’d reside in a Coach bag. A picnic basket seems both uncomfortable for poor Toto and rather unsanitary.

You Aren't in Kansas Anymore10
Wait… that probably applies to politicians in Kansas (and everywhere else). Well, nine out of ten ain’t bad.