Top Signs You Are a BYU or UTAH Fanatic

The football rivalry between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah started in 1922. Since the two schools are only about 50 miles apart, fans from both sides of the rivalry live amongst each other. Neighbors hang flags on their porches and engage in heated debates on their front lawns (or sometimes, during church. Which the LDS Church does not officially condone or encourage… but doesn’t exactly outlaw, either).

BYU is a private, religious university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Utah has a large population of Mormons, most of whom follow some very specific practices through their religion; they don’t drink alcohol, and tend to dress very modestly, for instance (luckily they did away with the ankle-length skirt and wrist-length sleeve requirement quite some time ago).

One of the main tenets in the Mormon church is family. Utah Mormons tend to marry much younger than their peers in other parts of the country (you’re an old maid if you’re over the age of 25 and still sitting next to your parents at church). They start having children early (often before graduating college), and have more children than the national average. So it’s easy—way too easy–to stereotype BYU fans.

While many University of Utah football fans are also Mormon, many aren’t. Those who aren’t Mormon might drink beer at a football game (they might drink a lot of it). They might be really old (at least 27) and not married. Or they’re married but they only have one child (seems kinda weird to the BYU fans). The behavior of Ute fans at a football game might be atrocious—fans screaming obscenities, spilling beer and wearing slutty clothes. So it’s easy—pretty darn easy—to stereotype Ute fans.

To celebrate this Holy War (that’s actually what these crazed fans on both sides call the BYU/Utah game!), we’ve assembled some fun stereotypes so you can identify with your team. And the thing about stereotypes is… they always have a small kernel of truth.

Top Signs You Are a BYU or UTAH Fanatic

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Top Signs You Are a BYU or UTAH FanaticTop Signs You Are a BYU or UTAH Fanatic