Top 10 Signs 2013 Will Be the Best Year Ever

Top 10 signs 2013 will be the best year ever

Here at, we’re pretty optimistic folks and we’re feeling great about the upcoming year. We feel that, if we just see a few of the signs below, we’ll know for sure that 2013 is the best year ever.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever1

Every time some super hot, super famous boy-toy dumps Taylor, she writes another  chart-topping album. We can’t wait.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever2

What’s the best way to improve a Hostess Cupcake? Class it up with a little Godiva chocolate.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever3

All that 24/7 access to the Internet, Facebook and Words with Friends will make us as smart as Siri. Or almost.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever4

What could make the world a better place in 2013? Enjoying your movie while munching on a butter-laden tub of popcorn… that you didn’t pay $8 for.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever5

Millions of great new jobs will be created to stimulate the economy. Careers such as Ice Cream Taster, Music Appreciation Specialist and Professional Facebook Friender will be plentiful and command six-figure incomes.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever6

The most annoying were killed off in 2012. But there are still a few left. Once they’re gone, 2013 will be a bright, shiny year for apocalypse TV shows.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever7

Big Foot will amble out of the wilderness to hold a press conference, the aliens at Area 51 will formally ask for (and be granted) official recognition and equal rights, and Elvis will come out of retirement and start performing in Branson, Missouri.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever8

Ever been skiing in Utah? If so, you know why tons of great powder will make 2013 the best year ever.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever9

Bereft of a Presidential election, liberal and conservative pundits alike will find themselves without work. We’ll be able to turn on the TV and radio again and they’ll be forced to get jobs as greeters at Walmart.

2013 Will Be The Best Year Ever10

Next time you’re lost, you can find a sign that points you in the right direction AND provides a light snack… and it tastes like bacon!