To 10 Signs You’re a Horrible Son or Daughter


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Hopefully, you’re planning to honor Mom and make her feel special. You do know that you’re supposed to be nice to Mom all year long, right? Your mom is good to you—you shouldn’t behave like a brat every time you see her. In case you’re unaware of your bad behavior, here are the Top 10 Signs You’re a Horrible Son or Daughter.


It’s the eye-rolling that’s the problem. Also, she can see your earbuds—and hear the thumping base of your techno music. You’re not fooling anyone. Certainly not Mom.


Because your rent is coming due and you need a loan. Get a job already.


Playing XBox and eating all the junk food in the pantry while mom washes, dries and folds your clothes isn’t “doing your laundry.”


When you text throughout the meal, bolt your food and leave your dirty plate on the table, you’re being disrespectful—Mom is not a waitress. Well, maybe she is. But she’s certainly not your personal waitress.


Go ahead and laugh at her high school photos. Sure, she had big hair, wore denim miniskirts and listened to Whitesnake. Just remember— she has those embarrassing pics of you with braces and cystic acne… and she just might pull them out next time you bring a new girlfriend over.


Rude. And, you’re going to break that door if you aren’t careful.


So she backed the car into the mailbox. Get over it already.


A classic way to honor Mom, but tossing her a granola bar and a lukewarm can of Coke just makes you look like a jerk.


Mom loves your company, until you start clutching your throat and making gagging noises while she’s slaving over the stove. Just so you’re aware, making your kid go without dinner isn’t child abuse.


That 1.2 GPA is nothing to brag about. At least you’re giving her time to adjust to the fact that you’ll be living in her basement until you’re 35.