Top 10 Signs You’re Better Off Than Your Married Friends

February 15 marks Singles Awareness Day. In case you weren’t already aware of your singledom yesterday, while gooey couples snuggled and cooed and sucked face in every restaurant in your city. Ugh. But you know what? Being single isn’t all bad. In fact, you may even have it better than some folks. Here are the […]

Signs of Love

Valentine’s Day: a holiday that strikes fear into the hearts of many men, makes greeting card company CEOs rub their hands together with glee and results in florists collapsing from exhaustion by noon. Romantically inclined folks love it. Singletons and the soon-to-be-divorced hate it. At, we don’t have an official opinion. But we do […]

Top 10 Signs You’ve Got Valentine’s Day Covered

  Psst… hey you! Valentine’s Day is next Thursday; less than a week away. Some of you may need a gentle reminder… some may need a huge kick in the butt… but some are already prepared for the Holiday of Love and Expectations. How about you? Here are the top 10 signs you’ve got Valentine’s […]

3 Essential Valentine’s Day Lessons for Your Business

  Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday. You can either make your loved one very, very happy or make her very, very angry. It’s a holiday that can make or break a relationship that is still in its budding stages, or cause husbands to spend countless nights on the couch. But, if done correctly, a […]