Signs of Spring

Here in Utah, we have some absolutely incredible skiing. Our powdery snow is world-famous, and we’re lucky to play in it (as the many tourists from all over the globe constantly remind us). And we do play in it. All. Winter. Long. But to be honest, all the long months of cold, cold weather and […]

Top Signs You Are a BYU or UTAH Fanatic

The football rivalry between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah started in 1922. Since the two schools are only about 50 miles apart, fans from both sides of the rivalry live amongst each other. Neighbors hang flags on their porches and engage in heated debates on their front lawns (or sometimes, during church. […]

How to Support the Athlete in Your Family

When my daughter, who will be a freshman this year, wanted to try out for the high school soccer team this summer, I was concerned. This is the year her grades really start counting toward college admission. And she has a tough schedule: all honors classes plus an orchestra extra-curricular (she plays the violin). In […]

My Signs Just Tackled Your Sign

  Update 7/20 3:15: The definition of irony – arbitrarily writing a blog post and then  24 hours later it comes to pass. Yesterday, the NBA approved a new look for team jerseys. Starting in 2013-2014 seasons, the NBA will allow small advertising patches on jerseys saying it will add close to $100 million in revenue. For […]