When You Gotta Go…Funny Bathroom Signs

Some signs are serious. You don’t, for instance, mess with speed limit signs. You don’t make jokes about School Zone signs or Road Work signs. Because, while they’re certainly important, they’re not very funny. Bathroom signs, on the other hand, can be quite entertaining. We hate to admit it, but sometimes here at Signs.com we’re […]

The Sign That Drove President Wilson Crazy (and Changed the World!)

Signs are a powerful form of communication. One single sign has the ability to make a statement for an entire group of people, and do so silently. In 1917, a protest sign lent a voice to millions of women, embarrassed and outraged a U.S. President and ultimately changed the world.

Mountain Monograms: Signs of School Spirit

Mountain monograms perch on the hillsides above communities all over the country. They occasionally denote towns or neighborhoods, but mostly they stand as beacons of school spirit and pride for high schools, colleges and universities.

Top 10 Signs You Aren’t a Redneck

We recently wrote about the merits of the TV reality show Duck Dynasty (you can read the insightful, scintillating article here). Which got us thinking: we know that if we’re sporting ZZ-Top beards and splashing through a swamp, we’re probably rednecks. But not everyone wants to be a redneck! To our great relief, we were […]

The First Pawn Stars: The Medici Family and Their Secret Sign

Symbols can be powerful signs that speak volumes without using words. You might pass a symbol-sign every day for years without knowing what it means. But for those who do know, the symbol identifies an institution that offers needed services. On the outside of many pawn shops, you’ll find a symbol. A secret symbol that […]

Signs of the Oregon Coast

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to travel and check out signs in other places. Last week, I visited the town of Bandon, Oregon. Bandon is a small town right on the coast where the Coquille River meets the Pacific. It’s a beautiful place; the ocean, the river, the pine […]

Signs of Life: Mr. Allen, High School Teacher

Signs have a lifespan. Some sit by the side of the road for years, providing wayfinding or information. Others get hit by cars or snowplows and knocked down. Event signs have lifespans only as long as the event they assist. Most of these “dead” signs are thrown away, but sometimes they can be repurposed and […]

Does Your Signage Do More Harm Than Good?

Signage has several purposes. It provides information, gives direction and promotes businesses. When your signage is well-designed, properly installed and in good condition it is an asset to your business. But when those elements aren’t in place, your signage can do more harm than good.