Success Stories: Sweet Cake Bake Shop

  Best. Cupcake. Ever. I just returned from a wonderful meeting with Allison Regan, owner of Sweet Cake Bake Shop and I’ve polished off the gluten-free German chocolate cake cupcake I brought home. To be honest, I don’t really know much about baking. I do know that cupcakes normally contain wheat flour, and that the […]

Buy Local: Five Marketing Strategies

“Buy Local” may have once been a notion for trendsetters, but now it’s common practice for many consumers. Last holiday season saw huge growth in sales for independent retailers. Last year’s overall retail holiday sales were 4.1% higher than in 2010. But independent retailers saw a 6.7% increase.

Increase Holiday Sales with Shop Local Campaigns

On November 22nd, after the table has been cleared and the last of the pie has been eaten, families all over the country will sit down with the shopping ads and make a game plan for the biggest shopping event of the year: Black Friday weekend. This is a huge money-making weekend for large companies […]

Harper Grey: What You’re Doing Right!

  Often when I sit down to write this column, I find myself thinking of all the things store owners and their employees are doing wrong. My job is to give you an idea of what your customers are thinking and feeling as they shop in your store and help you fix what’s wrong. The […]

Getting Your Store Ready for the Zombie Invasion

  The zombies are coming to a retail store near you . . . your retail store. They’re not the undead; they’re very much alive. And soon they’ll be swarming your store with their zombie-like pursuit of just one thing . . . will you be prepared for the zombie invasion?

A Review of Scheels & 3 Lessons from the Retail Giant

  If I asked you what a 220,000 square foot building, a 16,000 gallon aquarium and a 16-car Ferris Wheel have in common, you would probably answer with something like an amusement park or one of those crazy malls in Asia. But you would be wrong. In fact, this accurately describes the new retail behemoth […]

The Race to the Bottom of the Pricing Barrel

  When thinking about pricing your merchandise or services you might be tempted to look around at your competitors and then price your stuff the lowest. You figure, this way, customers will choose your company and you’ll make tons of money. But is this strategy the best? Breaking it down into the most simple terms, […]

Promotional Emails: A Lesson in Emotional Turmoil

  When I took my daughter back-to-school shopping this fall, it seemed like every retailer had a “Preferred Customer” program. I was encouraged to sign up for the free programs and assured that they afforded me special discounts several times a year. So I willingly gave three different companies my personal information, including my email […]