10 Ways to Capitalize on Tourism in Your Town

  Some towns live and die by the activity of summer tourists; others merely enjoy the bounty of extra cash flow during the warm months of the tourist season. If your business is located in a tourism-reliant town, you’re probably always more than ready for the big in-migration of dollars. But the rest of us […]

Harper Grey – Lessons from Kid Entrepreneurs

  Summer is in full swing and budding entrepreneurs seem to be everywhere. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood getting experience at running their own businesses. I think it’s great – kids get pretty bored in the summer, and running a business is a much better way to spend time than playing […]

3 Tips for National Independent Retailer Month

  Sometimes the best ideas for the small guys come from the biggest cities. In 2009, a week-long celebration of independent retailers took place in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Participants included over 300 independent retailers. The event was staged by the founder and CEO of Nolcha Fashion Week, Kerry Bannigan, who […]

5 Tips For Putting On A Race

  For most of the country, summer is in full swing and that means getting out and enjoying the park, the pool, or the beach (yes, I know it is sweltering right now in some parts, but hey, it won’t last forever). No matter the temperature, summer is when people want to be out of […]

Harper Grey: Are Your Online Leads Backfiring?

  Business on the Internet is booming. According to Forrester Research, consumers in the United States will spend $327 billion per year online by the year 2016. That bit of news might make businesses happy, but I can guarantee that your customers aren’t always so excited about the sales opportunities you’re gaining from online leads.

7 Marketing Tips for the Fourth of July

For many, the Fourth of July means relaxing in the backyard with family, enjoying a BBQ followed by fireworks on the driveway. Others head off to the stadium to hear singers and marching bands and watch the big fireworks. But retailers . . . well, you might be working extra-hard, garnering additional sales during the […]

Let’s Celebrate National Senses Day

  Celebration of National Senses Day is this Sunday, June 24th. This is a day to fully exercise all five of your senses: smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. And as a business owner, you might want to explore your shop from a customer’s point of view. Smell Studies have shown that smell impacts your […]

Success Stories: Operation61

  As a continuation of our Success Stories series, I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Brad and Monnica Manuel, co-founders of Operation61, a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking to talk about their organization and their thoughts on building a successful non-profit. When did you first become aware of […]