Top 10 Signs You’re a Cheapskate

In a tough economy, it can be tempting to save money by making decisions based on cost over quality. Frugality is in fashion – being a cheapskate is not. How to tell the difference? Here are the Top 10 Signs that you’re a cheapskate.

Top 10 Signs He’s In Love With You

  It’s not secret that guys are great at hiding their emotions. So even when things seem to be going well, you might wonder if the guy you’re dating is just having a good time, or if he’s actually falling for you. Here are the Top 10 Signs to clue you in.

Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yep, You Heard Right.

  Ahoy, Matey! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And it’s the tenth anniversary of the holiday, so extra celebrating is in order. Unless you’re involved in filming Pirates of the Caribbean Part Six and hanging out on the set every day, you probably don’t often run into people sporting eye patches and […]

Mayor Bloomberg, Soda, and the Art of Moderation

Last week, New York City Board of Health approved Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large-sized sodas. Nine months from now, if you want to suck down 32-ounces of Coke in one sitting, you’ll have to order two 16-ounce drinks.

Just for Fun – Our Version of Interactive Signs

Every once in awhile, one of our valued team members has some trouble sleeping for one reason or another. There are many cures for late night tossing and turning. Counting sheep, warm glasses of milk, and raiding the fridge for a late night snack are all thought to help one get to sleep. Not so […]

Top Signs You Are a BYU or UTAH Fanatic

The football rivalry between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah started in 1922. Since the two schools are only about 50 miles apart, fans from both sides of the rivalry live amongst each other. Neighbors hang flags on their porches and engage in heated debates on their front lawns (or sometimes, during church. […]

Top 10 Signs Your Biz is Going Up in Flames

  Owning your own business can be a wonderful and fulfilling endeavor. But, sometimes it’s risky and sometimes, businesses fail. So how do you know when your business is really going down in flames? Take heed of these Top 10 Signs . . .

Top 10 Signs That House Ain’t Selling

    So, the Real Estate market is starting to pick up. Yay! And depending on where you live, the current inventory of houses is starting to get tight. But that doesn’t mean that every house you list will sell. Here are the top 10 signs you’re never going to sell that new listing you […]