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This is a rare guest post from the co-founder of, Kirk Green. Kirk is not so much a guest blogger as he is a reluctant blogger. Occasionally, he has observations that we think need wider distribution than his personal mumbling. So, we convinced him to write down a few of his ramblings and we […]

Top 10 Signs You Found Roadside America

America, land of the free and home of the brave! Also, home of the hamburger, baseball and the oddity that is the roadside attraction. From Route 66 to the backwoods of the South, America’s roads, freeways and byways are dotted with attractions, signs and buildings that make our country great. Here are the Top 10 Signs you […] Presents Singing Signs

We at are proud and excited to offer customers not only the best vinyl banners and yard signs on the market, but the most auditorily pleasing signage, as well. In addition to providing passersby with stunning visual imagery, our new singing signs offer exquisite acoustic bliss as well. Imagine—two of the five senses, coming […]

Top 10 Signs You’re in New York City

There is just something about New York City that’s addicting. Maybe it’s the food; maybe it’s the shopping; maybe it’s the signage. In any case, there are tons of things that make NYC unique and special. Here are the Top 10 Signs You’re in New York City.

The Best of 2012

At, 2012 was a huge year. We launched this blog, we created an incredible new website for designing and purchasing custom signage, and we managed to have a lot of fun doing it! In 2012, we posted 255 articles on the blog, tweeted 1,340 times on Twitter, gave away 16 mini-billboards during our […]

Top 10 Signs You’re a Scrooge

Ok, so not everyone is jolly ol’ Saint Nick around the holidays. In fact, there are a lot of Scrooges counting the seconds until Christmas is over. We understand. The holidays can be stressful, families can be dysfunctional (if you’re not sure if yours is or not, take a glance at our Top 10 Signs […]

Let’s Talk About Your Holiday Decorations…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… but can we talk about your holiday decorations? Every year, I look forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving with both excitement and trepidation. The neighbors rummage through their crawlspaces, basements, garages and storage sheds and drag out all the Christmas bins. They hang a wreath on the […]

Top 10 Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Whether you’ve been eagerly anticipating the joys of pregnancy, or dreading the possibility, the signs that you might be pregnant can easily be confused with other maladies. Here are 10 signs you might be pregnant . . . or not.