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Kirk Green Signs.comThis is a rare guest post from the co-founder of, Kirk Green. Kirk is not so much a guest blogger as he is a reluctant blogger. Occasionally, he has observations that we think need wider distribution than his personal mumbling. So, we convinced him to write down a few of his ramblings and we might publish some of them here. Most of Kirk’s time is spent leading the teams at Ferrari Color, and Stryde.
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The Best of 2012

Best of 2012

At, 2012 was a huge year. We launched this blog, we created an incredible new website for designing and purchasing custom signage, and we managed to have a lot of fun doing it! In 2012, we posted 255 articles on the blog, tweeted 1,340 times on Twitter, gave away 16 mini-billboards during our Facebook Sign Quest Contest, and created 1 sweet video on how to install perforated vehicle window decals. But today, we wanted to recap some of our most popular stories and articles from last year. So, we hope you enjoy our best of 2012.

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Top 10 Signs You’re a Scrooge


Ok, so not everyone is jolly ol’ Saint Nick around the holidays. In fact, there are a lot of Scrooges counting the seconds until Christmas is over. We understand. The holidays can be stressful, families can be dysfunctional (if you’re not sure if yours is or not, take a glance at our Top 10 Signs Your Family is Dysfunctional post), and the weather can be downright depressing. So, which side of the fence do you fall? Bah, Humbug or Merry Christmas? Here are the Top 10 Signs You’re a Scrooge! Read More

Let’s Talk About Your Holiday Decorations…

Retail Insights with Harper Grey

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… but can we talk about your holiday decorations? Every year, I look forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving with both excitement and trepidation. The neighbors rummage through their crawlspaces, basements, garages and storage sheds and drag out all the Christmas bins. They hang a wreath on the door and lights from the eves. They install the Christmas tree in the front window. By mid-Saturday morning, the yards up and down the street are looking fabulous. Read More

Top Signs Obama/Romney will Win the Election


Who Will Win the Election

With the election only four days away, we thought that we would give all our readers a chance to support their favorite presidential candidate with a special edition of the weekly Top Signs.

So, check out the Top Signs that Obama will win and the Top Signs Romney will win, choose your favorite and share the image with all your friends and family! These are presented in NO particular order, so please don’t call us saying we were playing favorites. Enjoy! Read More

Top 10 Signs You Forgot Bosses Day


Top 10 Signs: Bosses Day

Did you know that Boss’s day was last Tuesday? Yeah . . . we didn’t think so. This holiday was created so that you could buy your boss a present. Take him to lunch. Thank him again for providing you with the joy of gainful employment. But you obviously blew off the holiday entirely. How do we know? Because we are pretty sure that at least one of these top 10 signs that you forgot boss’s day applies to you. Read More