Why I “Like” Your Facebook Page…& Why I Don’t

  I’m not one of those people who has to “check in” on my Facebook page whenever I go out with friends. I don’t update my status to tell people what I ate for breakfast, if I have a headache, or if I’m excited about the latest TV show. I don’t post an Instagram of […]

Harper Grey: When The Wait Is Worth It

  Some people don’t mind waiting. They stand patiently in long lines, sit in the doctor’s office waiting room for hours, wait in the lobby of restaurants to get a table. All without complaint. They must be meditating or employing some kind of zen technique that keeps them cool and calm. Other people . . […]

Promotional Emails: A Lesson in Emotional Turmoil

  When I took my daughter back-to-school shopping this fall, it seemed like every retailer had a “Preferred Customer” program. I was encouraged to sign up for the free programs and assured that they afforded me special discounts several times a year. So I willingly gave three different companies my personal information, including my email […]

My Fickle Love Affair With Self-checkouts

  Cynics say there’s no such thing as love at first sight, but I beg to differ. The first time I saw a store with self-checkout, I swooned. Six shiny little check stands with cute little lights and fancy touch screens glistened in the space where the grocery store once shelved magazines. I don’t know […]

Is Procrastination Costing You Money?

  Why do today what you can put off ‘til tomorrow? It’s certainly one of my mantras. And when it applies to things like grocery shopping, washing the car or (as my husband can attest), vacuuming, it’s not that big of a deal. The world won’t end if my car has a few hundred bugs […]

Harper Grey: Don’t Just Drive Business, Drive Loyalty

  Loyalty programs are really popular lately. It seems like everywhere I go, I’m asked if I have a “Rewards Card.” Some stores have complex systems that reward me with various prizes after I’ve earned enough “points.” Others are very simple and just give me a free meal food item after I collect enough stamps […]

How to Impress When the Wheels Fall Off

Your restaurant is fabulous. Your menu includes gourmet offerings prepared by your “world-class” chef. The decor is classy and upscale and the ambiance is quiet and romantic. Your wait staff is knowledgeable and professional. All in all, an impressive dining experience. And most of your customers come in, eat and leave satisfied. You figure that […]

Harper Grey: The Low-Budget Blunder

  My husband and I went to see The Bourne Legacy last weekend. It was pretty good, especially if you like really, really long motorcycle chase scenes (and why does the main character in the Bourne movies always have to run along rooftops while being chased? Seriously). But whatever gripes I have about the chase […]