4 Reasons to Delay Your Grand Opening

  How important are first impressions? Everyone from your mom to your professors in business school told you that they’ll make or break you. If you’re getting ready to open the doors of your brand new business and introduce yourself to the public, you should be thinking about the first impression you’ll make. It’s difficult […]

Harper Grey: Out of Stock – Inventory Solutions

  Out of stock. Those three words can be the most discouraging words a shopper can hear. Retail stores struggle to find a balance between over-stocking and under-stocking. Especially in a down economy, over-stocking can create huge losses if the product doesn’t move. It’s safer to order a smaller amount of product, knowing that it […]

7 Reasons To Hire an Intern & 3 Reasons Not To

  Every spring, hordes of college juniors and seniors pound the pavement, looking for an internship that will help them gain experience and make them more employable after graduation. Your business may benefit from having an intern around this summer, but before you post an ad on Craig’s List, do your homework and make sure […]

Harper Grey: The Stress of Shopping

  Shopping is considered an American pastime, with consumer spending accounting for about two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, according to a recent Reuters article. (1) And shopping can certainly be fun. But it can be stressful, too. Self-Induced Stress Several months ago, we’re sitting down to dinner and my daughter announces, “Oh, by the way, […]

3 Ways to Anticipate Customer Needs

Like many people, I’ve changed my shopping habits over the last few years as the economy faltered. I tightened up spending and began to budget and plan for shopping trips more carefully. I try to avoid impulse spending and am aware of stores’ marketing gimmicks to get me to buy stuff I don’t need. But […]

11 Business Tips for Summer

  If your business is strictly seasonal, you’re probably already planning to post job ads, interview and hire staff in anticipation of opening day. But even if your operation is year-round, you still need think about the impact of summer on your business. Here are some great business tips to help during the warm summer […]

Harper Grey: Walk a Mile

  Monday’s article on customer service pointed out how important it is to have well thought out, intentional and genuine service. Lots of companies try to fake it, lots more just ignore it. But poor customer service isn’t just about rude employees and bad return policies. Sometimes a store’s integrated business practices can get in the way […]

Customer Service: The Good, The Bad, The Fake

Ah . . . customer service. Is there anything that enrages the general consumer population, frustrates executives or keeps account managers up at night more than the topic of customer service? The purpose of this article is not to debate the validity of customer service. In fact, I’ll go on record to say I am […]