3 Reasons Your Company Should Be Blogging

  This morning, I’m headed off to New York for the 2012 Blog World conference. Blog World gathers thousands of bloggers together twice a year to meet, share ideas and learn more ways to interact with our readers. Hopefully while I’m there I’ll pick up some new tips, gain new knowledge and learn a thing […]

Harper Grey: Great Things That Go Together

  Remember the Reese’s peanut butter cup commercials from the early 80’s? The hip guy with the shaggy haircut is walking along, bopping to the tunes from his cool Walkman and eating a chocolate bar. Meanwhile, the hot brunette is walking toward him, plugged into her walkman and eating peanut butter from a jar (did […]

4 Lessons of Signs and Dating

It’s with great pleasure that we bring you today’s post by our good friend and occasional guest author Emery Scott. Emery is a self proclaimed marketer, social media wiz and serial dater. Enjoy! How much easier would dating be if we each had signs that proclaimed our intentions? “Yes, I’m interested. Ask me out.” “Sorry, I’m taken.” “I’m keeping my […]

5 Business Tips From The Soccer Field

  Ahhh . . . spring. The smell of freshly-mown grass and budding lilacs. Crisp blue skies, a few puffy white clouds drifting by on a gentle breeze. The sweet chirping of birds and the referee’s whistle as he calls an offside offense on our team . . . yes, it’s soccer season again. I’ve […]

3 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Relationships

  As you know, this week’s theme is celebrating Small Business Week and today’s post continues the topic by focusing on how your small business can achieve growth by developing specific types of relationships. Whether defined by more sales, more market share or further expansion, growth is different for every company. The issue becomes the […]

3 Insights From Mike the Headless Chicken

  Running a business isn’t easy; it requires plenty of patience, hard work and dedication. But sometimes things just don’t go the way you expect. Do you ever feel like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Well, Mike the Headless Chicken sure did. He actually did run around with his […]

Where’s the Bathroom? 6 Tips for Directional Signage

  Have you ever been shopping with a three-year-old? There are a few things to know before you go. Be prepared to cut the trip short if he gets cranky. Don’t expect him to ride in a stroller – he thinks he’s too big. But don’t expect him to walk very far, either. Be prepared […]

3 Tests When Developing Company Signage

From time to time here at the Signs.com Communication Department, we like to sit back and let others do the heavy lifting. That’s why today’s post is courtesy of our friends over at Business Logos. Business Logos, founded by two pioneers in the online graphic design industry, caters to small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. […]