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Standing Billboards or Vehicle Graphics? Signs.com & Nascar Choose the Latter

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This past Sunday was an event-filled Sunday full of celebrations. Not only did the Academy Awards happen, but the Daytona 500 also took place! Joey Logano did his fair share of celebrating as he earned his first Daytona 500 win, crossing the finish line ahead of 42 other racers.

Millions of people watch the Daytona 500 and other NASCAR races to see their favorite drivers zoom around and around the track and hopefully be the first car that crosses the finish line as the checkered flag is being waved. But have you ever stopped to think about the cars, more specifically about the graphics on the cars?

Every racer’s car is sponsored, which is why the cars are so colorfully filled with various logos and decals. Companies can spend up to $35 million to sponsor one vehicle, where logos and decals can be placed on 8 different areas of the racecar.

Image Source: Adweek

Image Source: Adweek

Like NASCAR, Signs.com understands how important the space on cars is for advertising. Research even shows that 96% of people polled felt that fleet graphics have a bigger impact than billboards.

fleet byu

For more than 15 years, we have been wrapping vehicles of all shapes and sizes for various companies. We work with each company to ensure the most attention-grabbing graphics are created and printed for their company vehicles. Our installers, who are 3M Trained and Certified, have experience adding vehicle wraps to cars, trucks, vans, buses, RVs, trailers, and even boats.

From all of our years’ experience, hard work, and creative thinking, Signs.com has the capabilities to turn your vehicle into a high octane form of advertising and increase the leads and revenue coming into your business. even won multiple vehicle graphic awards from the Signs of the Times Annual Vehicle Graphics Contest for service vehicles and transit vehicles. In May of 2014, we also won the Vehicle Wrap of the Day award for turning a fleet of trash collection trucks into works of art on wheels. Instead of looking away because a dirty trash truck was approaching, people turned to stare and admire the artistic, vibrant graphics wrapped around the trucks.

vehicle wraps

When it comes to our vehicle wraps, the question we always get asked is, “How much is it going to cost me?” Well, that depends on the vehicle you have and how much of it you want wrapped. Generally speaking, a full wrap on a standard size car falls between $2,000-3,000. But if you call Signs.com today, we’ll give you an actual quote for your specific vehicle wrap job.

Jeep vehicle wrap before and after

So give us a call, and let Signs.com help turn your company vehicle into a colorful, eye-catching traveling billboard.

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