Ideas & Inspiration: Wall Murals

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We’re back with more creative information to help inspire you with your next big project! And this time we’re talking wall murals.

A wall mural is a fun and artistic way to decorate your retail store, office or event venue as well as show off your company logo and attract customers. The size of one alone puts an ordinary graphic to shame, making images and lettering pop and demanding attention from everyone who walks by. Studies have also shown that colors affect consumer emotions and buying decisions, so when you use the right bold, bright colors and images with your wall mural, you entice a customer’s emotions to buy from you.

Here at, we love printing wall murals. They’re more efficient to use than paint, and they work virtually anywhere, from your retail store’s walls to your corporate office hallways and lobbies. We’ve been able to create numerous wall murals for clients, including a multiple-element wall mural for a local college.

Wall mural in hallway with informational signs and text.

And more recently an eye-catching one for a client’s retail store.

Wall mural at retail store

Some retailers know exactly what they want on their wall mural, but others come to us for guidance and inspiration. Well today we’re getting our inspiration from giant colorfully beautiful city wall murals.

Street Art Turned Fine Art

Street art was once seen as unwanted vandalism. But nowadays, most cities welcome their local artists’ creations; some even having designated areas where artists can create large-scale wall murals.

From the streets of Philadelphia—home to more than 3,000 murals and the world’s largest outdoor art gallery—to Melbourne, Australia and everywhere in between, graffiti artists are leaving their mark and drawing tourists to see their creations. Below are a handful of cities with cool street art wall murals and what retailers can learn from these examples with their next graphics project.

Toronto, Canada — Don’t be afraid to be different.

Painted wall wart on brick building


Toronto is a culturally diverse city that’s home to a near 1 km long alleyway dedicated to street, and as you can see from this wall, local artists aren’t afraid to show off the city’s diversity, or their array of available colors. And you shouldn’t be either.

Lisbon, Portugal — Compliment your surroundings.

Painted art in parking garage on cement pillars


You don’t want your mural to look out of place. Use what you have, whether it’s a flat wall or an area with curves and cutouts, and make sure the design of your wall mural compliments it.

Boston — The brighter and bolder the color and design, the better.

Large painted mural in building


Sometimes too many colors can be too much, but when you’ve got a large canvas and know how to bring several bright colors beautifully together, the end result is a wall mural every passer-by can’t help but stop and stare at as they walk by.

Belfast, Northern Ireland — Tie in local political or cultural themes or significant moments in history.

Painted wall advertisement and art on building


You’re a business of your community. Highlight the good that’s happening around you or tastefully pay tribute to a more troubling time. This mural shows you can have both meaning and beauty.

Bydgoszcz, Poland — Use the whole space.

Large painted mural on apartment building


You’ve got this huge, boring space that needs to be filled—so why would you only fill up part of it? You wouldn’t, or you shouldn’t. You can creatively fill every inch of your space with attention-grabbing art without going overboard or overwhelming your customers.

Like these street artists have done, stick something unique, beautiful and fun on your walls and your retail business will better stick in people’s minds.

Contact today and our team can work with you to get the best graphics installed in your store.


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