Your Guide to First Birthday Parties

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first birthday party feature

First Birthday Party Ideas & Games – The Only Resource You’ll Need

There are many birthdays that are celebrated as big life events. A Sweet 16 in American culture is similar to a Quinceañera (15th) in Latin culture. Likewise, birthdays falling on 19, 21, 40, 50 and more carry special meaning for different reasons and almost always constitute a celebration of some sort. But perhaps the biggest celebration and milestone birthday of them all is the first birthday of a child. While the child probably won’t remember much, if anything, from this special day this doesn’t prevent parents from throwing a BIG(!) celebration and 1st birthday party. Based off the pictures and resources below it might be more accurate to say “out of control” or “overboard” in many cases!

While we don’t imagine every first birthday to be as elaborate as some of those outlined below, to help plan out this special event we’ve put together a comprehensive resource for first birthdays, including: signs and banners, themed birthdays, invitations, cakes and desserts and even a few party games. We’ve also included some great resources full of 1st birthday party ideas from across the internet to help you plan your special day.  And while these are specific to first birthdays, no doubt most if not all of them are applicable to any toddler aged child celebrating a birthday. We hope this helps you throw a fantastic party and generates plenty of ideas no matter how extravagant or simple you want the birthday to be!

For birthday parties for older kids make sure to check out our summer games ideas post!

Also, almost all of these ideas, sign templates and more are available on our First Birthday Party Pinterest Board.

1st Birthday Signs & Banners

Since we do signage all day long we’ll start with the signage aspect. 🙂 Below are some of our customizable birthday templates. There are more sign ideas on the Pinterest board. For our templates, we offer free design services if you are looking to get a sign (vinyl banner, magnets, posters, wall decals, yard signs and more) created for your son or daughter that you don’t see below. Here are some examples of birthday signs as magnets and more that we’ve previously produced. Just contact us and we’ll help you get what you want! You can get our signs in as little as two days so even if you’ve put this off until the last minute there’s still time! Click over here to see all of our first birthday party sign templates.

happy first birthday purple birthday cake

Happy First Birthday Sign With Banner

happy first birthday banner with cake

Happy First Birthday Sign With Animals

happy first birthday sign turquoise

First Birthday Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Happy First Birthday Chalkboard Sign

happy first birthday banner

Happy First Birthday Chalkboard Sign With Picture

happy first birthday owl banner

First Birthday Themes & Ideas

A themed birthday party can be a ton of fun for your little one. Truly only your imagination limits what type of themed party you can throw.  And contrary to popular belief a themed party can be accomplished with just a few props, decor, signage and the right colors. Nonetheless, check out all the amazing 1st Birthday themes below to get your imagination and ideas flowing!

In addition to the many ideas below check out these amazing Pinterest board and blog posts that have compilations of fun themes.

1st Birthday Themes

120 Kids Birthday Party Themes

24 Themes by Spaceships and Laser Beams

51 of the Best Birthday Party Ideas (Themes) For Girls

sunshine themed party

Source: Sunshine Theme Party from Kara’s Party Ideas

caterpillar pottery barn

Source: Pottery Barn Caterpillar Theme 

royal themed party

Source: Royal Themed Party – Hostess With the Mostess

places you'll go theme

Source: Places You’ll Go Theme – Baby Making Machine

busytown theme

Source: Busytown Theme – Tried and True Blog

carnival theme party

Source: Carnival Theme Party – Kara’s Party Ideas

nautical party

Source: Nautical Theme Party – Spaceships and Laser Beams

royal and princess theme

Source: Royal/Prince Theme – Kara’s Party Ideas

caterpillar theme

Source: Caterpillar Party – Lady’s Little Loves

circus theme

Source: Circus Theme – Hostess With the Mostess

under the sea theme

Source: Under The Sea – Moms and Munchkins

modern theme

Source: Modern Theme – 100 Layer Cake-let

airplane theme

Source: Airplane Theme – Hostess With the Mostess

baby elephant theme

 Source: Baby Elephant Theme – Spaceships and Laser Beams

places you'll go

Source: Places You’ll Go Theme – Hostess With the Mostess

minnie mouse theme

Source: Minnie Mouse Theme – Hostess With the Mostess

mickey mouse theme

Source: Mickey Mouse Theme – Sweeties Freebies

jungle safari theme

Source: Jungle Safari Theme – Hostess With the Mostess

monster theme party

Source: Monster Theme Party – Visual Vocabulary

winnie the pooh party theme

Source: Winnie The Pooh Theme – Hostess With the Mostess

dr seuss theme party

Source: Dr Seuss Theme Party – Hostess With the Mostess

dr seuss party ideas

Source: Dr Seuss Theme Ideas – Incredible Infant

Invitation Ideas For First Birthday Parties

Like themed parties, invitations are only limited by your imagination. You can create DIY invitations or buy them from a wide variety of places. We’ve found the best places to look are Pinterest and Etsy with the latter often being promtoed on the former. We’ve included just a few of the more common themes used for birthday party invite designs. There are lot more on our Pinterest board. So whether you want to create your own or buy them hopefully these offer a great starting point. We have no relationship or vested interest in promoting any of the Etsy items or shops below.

birthday theme and picture invitation

Source: Twisted Sister Shop – Jungle Themed Birthday Invite

chalkboard plus picture birthday invitation

Source: Unknown

 turtle birthday invitation

Source: Amy’s Card Creations – First Birthday Turtle Invitation

cowboy birthday invitation

Source: Joy Invitations – Cowboy First Birthday

timeline birthday invitation

Source: Hello Baby Invitations – UNO Timeline Birthday Invitation

one shaped birthday invitation

Source: CLacey Design – Baby Boy First Birthday Invitation

milestone birthday invitationSource: Particular Paper – Custom Birthday Invitation

Cakes, Treats, Snacks, Desserts & More!

It wouldn’t be a party without lots of sugar and delicious desserts. And it wouldn’t be a first birthday party without a smash cake! Check out these amazing desserts and start planning out what you want to do for your little one’s birthday. Note that some of these treats are also actually part of a bigger theme if you’re still looking for theme ideas.

cookie monster cookies and theme

Source: Catch My Party

dr seuss birthday cookies

Source: Tiny Oranges

golf birthday party cookies

Source: Hostess With the Mostess

penguin birthday cookies

Source: Party Frosting

dragon birthday cupcakes

Source: That’s Nerdalicious

sophia's dress from cupcakes

Source: Catch My Party

camo birthday cake

Source: My Kitchen Escapades

how to make smash cake

Source: One Little Project

snowman birthday cake

 Source: Flickr

smash cake tutorial

Source: Director Jewels

green egg cookies

 Source: Kindergarten Super Kids

birthday cake popcorn

Source: A Sweet Spot: Home

monkey birthday cake


spiderman cupcake cake

Source: Sweet E Cakes

elephant birthday cake

Source: Cake Central (link has lots of other fun cakes)

mickey mouse birthday cookiesSource: Party Frosting

 baseball cookies for birthday

Source: The Recipe Girl

ice cream cone cupcakes

Source: Cone Cupcakes

ladybug cookies

Source: Babycenter

first birthday cakeSource: Cakes Decor

first birthday smash cakeSource: Simply Mars

First Birthday Party Games & Activities

The child of the hour is only turning one but that doesn’t mean there aren’t games to be played! Here are just a few creative and easy ideas for games for one year olds and even a few for their guests.

In addition to the images below here are a few sites with suggestions for games:

1st Birthday Party Games

First Birthday Party Games and Activities

baby crawl game

Source: Hostess With the Mostess

baby relay for adults

Source: Let’s Get Together

first birthday party games

Source: Moms and Munchkins

first birthday game

Source: Crystal and Co.

Even More First Birthday Party Resources & Ideas

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Style Me Pretty – Collection of First Birthday Parties By Readers

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Celebrations – 1st Birthday Party Ideas, Themes, Inspiration and More

Hostess With the Mostess – Collection of Readers’ First Birthdays

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