Celebrate The Walking Dead Premier with Zombie Week


The Walking Dead

Next Sunday, zombie fans all over the country will tune in for the season premiere of The Walking Dead. With Halloween right around the corner and the return of this popular show, at Signs.com, we’ve found ourselves in a zombie-celebrating mood, so we thought we’d bring you an entire week of zombie fun.

Don’t know about The Walking Dead? Here’s a quick guide to the show (and all things zombie).

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies

Do the Shamble1.) Zombies are creatures that were previously human. After death they became re-animated into non-human creatures that exist to terrorize the living.

2.) People can become zombies in a number of different ways. Some cultures believe that voodoo or black magic can create zombies. Popular zombie movie and TV themes typically include a deadly virus that gets loose and alters human brains, which creates a large population of zombies.

3.) Zombies don’t eat regular food. They eat human flesh, instead.

4.) Zombies’ intelligence is slim to none. They don’t have cognizant thought, but rather run on instinct alone. Their only driving force is to eat (see #3).

5.) Zombies move in a shambling fashion, but at a surprising fast clip. Characters in movies and television shows are always running from zombies, who always seem to catch up, even though they don’t run, but only stagger. This disparity in speed is one that has never been fully explained by movie or TV directors. Just know this: you can’t outrun a zombie, even though you can run and he can’t. One of life’s mysteries.

6.) Zombies are disgusting in appearance. They have rotting flesh and their clothing is in various stages of disintegration. They’ve usually lost their shoes. Their hair is falling out and their eyes are sunken. Zombies often have gory wounds and missing limbs.

7.) Zombies don’t talk. They make creepy zombie noises which can include grunts, howls, screams and moans.

8.) Zombies are contagious. If you are exposed to the virus they carry, you become a zombie, too. Sometimes the zombie virus is airborne, so all you have to do is get close to a zombie. But most of the time the zombie has to bite or scratch you.

9.) Zombies don’t use weapons—they just kill you with their teeth. An unfortunate fact for the victims of zombies.

10.) The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain. This can be accomplished in any number of ways including shooting the zombie in the head with a gun or bow and arrow; blunt force trauma with any handy object such as a baseball bat, shovel, or large wrench; throwing a zombie off a high rooftop; running over a zombie’s head with a car, tractor or other lawnmower. During a zombie apocalypse, use your imagination.

11.) Since zombies aren’t very smart, you can often hide from them successfully. However, zombies can be alerted by your presence by loud noises. For instance, it’s not recommended to shoot a single zombie, since the sound of the gunshot will often bring a horde of zombies down upon you. However, if you’re already facing down a mob of zombies, a fully-automatic weapon such as a sub-machine gun, or an RPG are helpful. Just don’t forget to go for the head shot.

12.) A Zombie Apocalypse happens when a bunch of people somehow become zombies. They swarm into towns and cities and eat everyone (or turn other people into zombies) This causes a breakdown of civilization, or an apocalypse. Which means that the survivors have more to worry about than human-flesh eating zombies; they also have to contend with the loss of electricity and all modern conveniences, a lack of food and water and the concern of basic sanitation. And, of course, all the crazy people with stockpiles of guns and visions of power and world domination.

The Walking Dead Show and Cast of Characters

The Walking Dead ShowThe show takes place in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world where the main characters try to avoid zombies (and anti-social humans with guns).

In addition to basic survival, characters of the show engage in interpersonal relationships that include love affairs, power struggles, betrayals, unplanned pregnancies, etc. The show isn’t called a “drama” for nothing…

The show is based on the comic book series of the same name and has gained a lot of notoriety during its two seasons; The Walking Dead and its actors have received multiple awards and nominations. The 2nd season finale broke previous records to become the most-watched cable TV drama in history, with 9 million viewers.

The small group of survivors portrayed in The Walking Dead include:

Rick: Previously a police officer, he’s the self-appointed leader of the group.

Lori: Rick’s wife. A woman with little to no personality, if it weren’t for her super-hot appearance you might think she was already a zombie. In the beginning of the apocalypse, she thought Rick was dead, so she had an affair with…

Shane: Also a police officer and previously Rick’s partner. He shacks up with Lori when the whole zombie thing goes down. He’s not particularly thrilled when Rick shows up and reclaims his hot wife. Shane is a stereotypical neanderthal-type man with limited intelligence and a short temper.

Andrea: An independent young woman who proves to be an excellent markswoman and zombie killer. She’s the tough chick that can kick the trash of not only zombies, but humans too. And she does.

Glenn: A young guy that routinely rescues other group members despite his puny size and poor self-esteem. He’s the guy who isn’t afraid to show his sensitive side, unlike…

Daryl: A redneck survivor with a tough exterior. He turns out to have a gooey, self-aware, sensitive-guy center, but is hesitant to show it.

Dale: An aging hippy who drives an old motorhome. He’s the guy giving everyone sage advice that they don’t ask for.

Carol: A victim of domestic abuse (her husband is conveniently eaten by zombies early on). After the death of her husband, Carol becomes more independent.

T-Dog: His real name is Theodore, but he goes by “T-Dog.” That should tell you everything you need to know. He’s a huge, muscle-bound dude with great abs. He’s nice enough, but you wouldn’t want to mess with him because he could probably tear you limb-to-limb with his bare hands.

Hershel: He’s a retired veterinarian living in the country with his second wife and several daughters. The group stumbles onto his farm where they camp out for awhile. He has strong opinions and can be a bit of a bigot and a male chauvinist.

Maggie: One of Hershel’s daughters. She tries to extricate herself from her controlling father after falling in love with Glenn.

Join us for Zombie Week!

Brain DeadThere’s no end to the zombie fun this week. We will break down the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and give you advice on stocking up in anticipation of the “zombies” that will invade your retail store during the holidays. Harper Grey will provide you with a shopping list so you can create your own zombie appearance without being permanently infected. And you can identify the Top Ten Signs That You’re Never Going to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (perhaps avoiding these unfortunate circumstances).

Do you have any advice regarding zombies, surviving the zombie apocalypse or just preparing for the onslaught of zombies and other trick-or-treaters on October 31st? We’d love your input!