Top 10 Signs You’re Not a Celebrity

  The Sundance Film Festival brings lots of celebrities to Utah every winter: they brighten up the dreary winter here with their sparkling, larger-than-life selves. There are some big differences between us regular folk and the Beautiful People who congregate in Park City, though: $300 haircuts, $10,000 handbags and million dollar salaries, just to name […]

Top 10 Signs You’re in New York City

There is just something about New York City that’s addicting. Maybe it’s the food; maybe it’s the shopping; maybe it’s the signage. In any case, there are tons of things that make NYC unique and special. Here are the Top 10 Signs You’re in New York City.

Top 10 Signs You Need a Beach Vacation

So the winter doldrums have set in and you’re feeling kind of cranky. It’s six degrees outside and the walk needs to be shoveled (again!) While you’re suffering, some folks are basking in the sun. So get on a plane already! Need some validation before you drop a couple thousand bucks on a trip to […]

Top 10 Signs You’ll Never Keep Those Resolutions

Every year, you make your list of New Year’s resolutions. And every year they just don’t seem to happen. Why? Well, we won’t go into all your psychological failings here but here are the top 10 signs you’ll never keep those resolutions.

Top 10 Signs 2013 Will Be the Best Year Ever

Here at, we’re pretty optimistic folks and we’re feeling great about the upcoming year. We feel that, if we just see a few of the signs below, we’ll know for sure that 2013 is the best year ever.

Top 10 Signs You Bought The Wrong Gifts

We know your intentions were good. But sometimes it’s hard to find just the right gift for everyone. During those lazy hours after Christmas brunch and the unwrapping festivities, you might find yourself wondering how you did in the gift giving department. Well, here’s the Top 10 Signs You Bought the Wrong Gifts. We hope […]

Top 10 Signs You Were Naughty This Year

You know that song about Santa making a list and checking it twice? Well, here at we don’t really need lists and such. We know who’s been naughty and it might just be you! How can you tell if Santa’s putting coal in your stocking? Read over the Top 10 Signs You Were Naughty […]