Top 10 Signs You’d Make a Lousy Super Hero


Today is the premiere of Man of Steel, a new movie about Superman, and the latest in a recent revival of super hero movies. We love our super heroes. Mostly because we like to pretend that we could save the world, too. Unfortunately for us, we just don’t seem to have what it takes. In fact, we pretty much exhibit all the Top 10 Signs that we’d make lousy super heroes. We’ll just have to change the world with signage… Read More

Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up


When a relationship is going fabulously, the world is a brighter place. Food tastes better, skies are clear and blue and you hum romantic songs under your breath at work. But when things start to go sour, the world seems dark, gloomy and hopeless. You’ll spend the next several months of your life trying to fix the problems in the relationship and agonizing over whether you should just break up or not, only to be left bereft and heartbroken in the end. To save you some time, we present the Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up. Read More

Top 10 Signs You’ll Never Dance With the Stars


The 16th season of Dancing with the Stars premiered on Monday with 16.8 million viewers. It’s a popular show, for sure. We’re not sure if most people watch so that they can see celebrities they love doing fabulous dancing, or if they’re hoping the celebrities trip and fall on their faces. Either way, it’s exciting stuff. Do you dream of dancing with the stars? Well… the sad fact is that most of you will never dance with Ingo Rademacher or Alexandra Raisman. Here are the top ten signs you’ll never dance with the stars. Read More