Book Review: Business + Management: For Digital Print Providers and Sign Shops



Marty McGhie’s book, “Business + Management: For Digital Print Providers and Sign Shops” is a comprehensive business book focused specifically on the sign industry. But business owners from every industry can benefit from Mr. McGhie’s business acumen.

The book offers advice and insight about every single aspect of running a business. Topics include hiring management and staff, choosing software, attending tradeshows, growth, bills and collection, marketing and production, just to name a few. But the book, published in 2012, was certainly influenced by the country-wide recession; many sections deal specifically with ways to cut costs, stay lean and manage a business during tough times. Today we’ll explore some of Mr. McGhie’s tips for staying afloat during a downturn in the economy.

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Book Review: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

What if you could increase your productivity? Give up a bad habit like smoking, chewing your fingernails or overeating? Be more organized? Would your business benefit? Of course it would. There are lots of business and self-help books out there that promise to make you a better, more successful person. And they often say the same thing: suck it up. Get some discipline. Stop eating crappy food. All you have to do to be a better person is… be a better person. If we could all just garner the moral fortitude to be perfect, these books would be obsolete. But we’re human, not perfect, so we keep buying them in the hopes that they’ll tell us something different so that we can actually achieve perfection.

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