Are You Ready for Cyber Monday?

  Small local businesses have a lot to offer the holiday shopper over Black Friday weekend. You can draw in local customers with your unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise, your stellar customer service, your quality products and the fact that you’re giving so much more to your local community than those big box stores. But what about […]

A Review of Scheels & 3 Lessons from the Retail Giant

  If I asked you what a 220,000 square foot building, a 16,000 gallon aquarium and a 16-car Ferris Wheel have in common, you would probably answer with something like an amusement park or one of those crazy malls in Asia. But you would be wrong. In fact, this accurately describes the new retail behemoth […]

7 Pricing Strategies Every Retailer Should Know

  Of all the strategies you’re thinking of for your new business, pricing is the one that can truly make or break your business. Price too high and your competition will get all the business. Price too low and you won’t make enough money. Super-smart business economists have come up with dozens of pricing models […]

Amazon’s Same Day Delivery: Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out

  An Amazon warehouse is coming to a city near you. In order to fulfill orders the very day they are placed, the company is spending millions to construct fulfillment centers all around the country. In California alone, Amazon will spend $500 million on several new warehouses.

3 Tips for National Independent Retailer Month

  Sometimes the best ideas for the small guys come from the biggest cities. In 2009, a week-long celebration of independent retailers took place in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Participants included over 300 independent retailers. The event was staged by the founder and CEO of Nolcha Fashion Week, Kerry Bannigan, who […]

6 Easy Ways to Lose Customers

  It’s a busy Saturday afternoon at your shop. The phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting to know if you have this thing or that in stock. Which means that you have to put the phone down, walk over and find the things they want to buy from you, and then go […]

4 Reasons to Delay Your Grand Opening

  How important are first impressions? Everyone from your mom to your professors in business school told you that they’ll make or break you. If you’re getting ready to open the doors of your brand new business and introduce yourself to the public, you should be thinking about the first impression you’ll make. It’s difficult […]

A Review of Salt Lake’s City Creek Center

  The new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City opened on March 22nd last week but since I was otherwise engaged in Florida at the ISA Expo, I haven’t been able to see the new $1.5 billion dollar redevelopment for myself. The project has been getting national attention. Erin Harper at the Huffington Post […]