Inside Scoop: What Santa’s Bringing Your Neighbors

OK, let’s be honest. On Christmas morning, after everyone has torn asunder the wrapping paper and you’re sitting in the middle of a huge pile of consumer goods, two questions come to mind: How long is it going to take to pay off the Visa? And, How much do the neighbors spend? Today you get […]

The Signs of Christmas

There was once a time when I would go shopping during the holidays and just… shop. I’d enjoy the music, the lights, the festive atmosphere. And then I was hired at To write about… signage. A lot. So now everywhere I go, I see signage. Turns out, those darn signs are everywhere. And you […]’s Favorite Holiday Recipes

Best thing about the holidays? The food. Today’s post features a selection of favorite holiday recipes gathered from’s friends, family and employees. Enjoy!

10 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holidays

I ran into a friend at the mall last weekend. She looked exhausted and harried while juggling a cranky toddler and several heavy packages. “I hate the holidays,” she said, “It’s nothing but six weeks of stress.” It’s an opinion that many people seem to share. Why? We’re supposed to be building snowmen with small […]

10 Ways to Make This Thanksgiving the Best Ever

  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love gathering with family members and catching up with relatives I don’t get to see very often. I love the warm colors of the decorations and the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen. And the food? Well of course there’s the fabulous food. Any holiday […]

Here Come The Holidays: 3 Tips to a Successful Season

  The Holidays are Here Walk into any Walmart at 11:59 pm on October 31st and what do you see? Pallets of Christmas products, decorations and other assorted holiday items. Employees hover around like a pack of ravenous wolves waiting for the OK to pounce. The clock strikes midnight and the walkie-talkies light up like […]

Reflecting on Labor Day

  During the nineteenth century, workers in the United States worked long days in tough conditions. With the introduction of factories and a huge migration in to large cities, workers found themselves abandoning the natural work cycle that depended on the sun and instead punching a time clock. The more hours a worker worked, the […]

25 Tips to Enjoy the 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July from! It’s a great day for parades, picnics and remembering the history of our great nation. We’ve brought you some great Fourth of July tips to keep you safe, increase your eating pleasure and keep you having fun until the last fireworks fizzle in the night sky.