Harper Grey: Women Are People Too

  Yeah, I know . . . the title of this article seems like one of those head-slapping, “Well… duh!” statements, doesn’t it? After all, didn’t our mothers all march in the streets and burn their bras so we could have equality? And didn’t we (kind of) get it? Well, we’re still working on getting […]

Harper Grey: Getting to Know Your Customers

  Today is “Get to Know Your Customers Day.” This event happens quarterly, which makes sense, since you should really be talking to your customers at least four times a year. They are, after all, your bread and butter.

Harper Grey: Donation Dilemmas

  I know that charitable organizations rely on donations from people like me to support the people they help. And I like to think I do my share: my husband and I donate annually to the children’s hospital and our local NPR station. Last year we gave everyone goats for Christmas (no, not REAL goats. […]

Harper Grey – Lessons from Kid Entrepreneurs

  Summer is in full swing and budding entrepreneurs seem to be everywhere. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood getting experience at running their own businesses. I think it’s great – kids get pretty bored in the summer, and running a business is a much better way to spend time than playing […]

Harper Grey: Are Your Online Leads Backfiring?

  Business on the Internet is booming. According to Forrester Research, consumers in the United States will spend $327 billion per year online by the year 2016. That bit of news might make businesses happy, but I can guarantee that your customers aren’t always so excited about the sales opportunities you’re gaining from online leads.

Harper Grey: When Mistakes Happen

  No one’s perfect. Not even me (though I’m sure my husband and kids would disagree). Since businesses are run by people, it only stands to reason that they aren’t going to be perfect all the time. Mistakes happen. What matters is how you deal with your mistakes. The famous author James Joyce said, “Mistakes […]

Harper Grey: Lessons from the Best Literary Dad Ever

  I was named after Harper Lee, the great American author of, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” So you can imagine that I grew up knowing all about the book (and the 1962 movie with Gregory Peck). Atticus Finch, the father in the book, is widely regarded as one of the most influential “father” characters in […]

Harper Grey: Website Woes

  How well does your website represent your company? If your dress shop is funky and casual, your website should reflect that atmosphere. If your law firm handles only grim-faced, uber-serious executives, it should be buttoned-down and formal. If your restaurant caters to ski bums and teenagers, your website should probably create that tone. I […]