Let’s Celebrate National Senses Day



Celebration of National Senses Day is this Sunday, June 24th. This is a day to fully exercise all five of your senses: smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. And as a business owner, you might want to explore your shop from a customer’s point of view.


SmellStudies have shown that smell impacts your customers greatly. Bad smells rank high on the list of most irritating factors in a store. And good smells can influence your customers to stick around longer, buy more and walk away with a positive feeling about your business.

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5 Signage Lessons From a Successful Yard Sale


Yard SaleEvery spring, I purge all the extra junk in my house. I clean out all the closets, tidy cabinets and pantry and generally rid my home of all the clutter and detritus that seems to accumulate over the course of a year. Then I host a yard sale, allowing my neighbors to purchase previously mentioned junk for pennies on the dollar and drag it to their homes to clutter their closets (one man’s trash is another’s treasure, I’m told). So I get rid of unwanted stuff and my daughter’s college fund grows a bit. I’m quite a yard sale veteran at this point, having hosted an annual sale for the past twelve years or so.

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35 Hours, 200 Miles, 11 Friends, 3 Lessons in Leadership


Wasatch Back Ragnar

It is hour 32 of your 200 mile excursion through some of the most beautiful, serene, painted by God himself landscape that the earth has to offer and you feel great . . . ah, who am I kidding, you are miserable, hot, sweaty and sleep deprived and you are about to jump out of a van to start your last run of the race which is 4 miles up an 1800 foot vertical climb. At this point, you are sorely regretting being talked into doing this by 11 other crazy people who are just as hot, sweaty and sleep deprived.

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