The Last Minute Tip That Will Save Your Wedding

You’ve spent the last year preparing for your wedding—the perfect dress, the most delicious cake, exquisite flowers. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours… all for a 15-minute ceremony and a four-hour party. You’ve been told it’s the best day of your life, which is why you’re stressed beyond comprehension. What if no one shows […]

Get Ready for Graduation Celebrations

It’s a moment you’ve probably been planning for years—the day your child graduates from high school or college. Now your son can take his degree and get a real job and his own apartment! Now your daughter will go off to college and you’ll finally have hot water for your morning shower. Now your house […]

Signs of Surrender: Robert E. Lee’s White Flag

On this day in 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant, ending the Civil War. OK, so Lee didn’t have an actual white flag; just a metaphorical one. But by the time of the surrender, no one was particularly surprised; there had been signs of surrender for months.

Hurricane Sandy and Life’s Perfect Storms

  The perfect storm. It’s a phrase we’ve been hearing all week, as the east coast hunkers down in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. As we read the dire weather forecasts and watch the news feeds, nothing about this storm seems perfect.

Olympic Games Close With a Bang

  The 2012 London Summer Olympic Games came to a close last night with a boisterous, although slightly weird, tribute to British music, fashion and of course the unforgettable performances from the last 2 weeks. The highlights of the ceremony were definitely the athletes’ entrance into Olympic Stadium and the Ugandan marathon runner receiving his gold medal. Note to […]

Olympic Opening Ceremonies Version 2012

  Ah the Olympics. An international event that stirs our collective national pride every four years. I for one am a fan of the Olympics, not just because I love to root for the U.S.A but because I genuinely enjoy some of the events and the storylines. Also, it is nice to see that Bob […]

Killer Tips for a Summer Reunion

  There’s nothing that says “July” like a family reunion. Generations gathering together to reminisce, play games, exchange photos and eat lots of salty, fatty and sugary foods. It simply can’t get any better than that. That is, unless you’re the one stuck with planning the event. For today’s article, I’ve gathered some tips for […]

5 Tips For Putting On A Race

For most of the country, summer is in full swing and that means getting out and enjoying the park, the pool, or the beach (yes, I know it is sweltering right now in some parts, but hey, it won’t last forever). No matter the temperature, summer is when people want to be out of their […]