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Fonts – Signage 101

Sometimes creating signage can be stressful. At, we want to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Font issues can be one of the most common sources of headaches when designing signage. If fonts aren’t created correctly, you can end up with a sign that doesn’t look anything like what you pictured. With this Signage 101 post, we will be simplifying the confusing world of fonts.

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Standard vs Second Surface

Front Side vs Back Side Acrylic – Signage 101

Our “Signage 101” series helps you make sense of the world of signage and all of its different options. We’ve navigated the confusing waters of window signage, helped you understand the different types of aluminum solutions, and showed you the importance of image quality. Today, we’ll explain the benefits and drawbacks of printing acrylic on the front side of the acrylic (what is known as standard surface) versus the back side of the acrylic (second surface).

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Signs and the U.S. Supreme Court

In a landmark, unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision, Pastor Clyde Reed and his congregation get to keep their signs! The Gilbert, Arizona resident installed temporary yard signs, directing parishioners to his service. Over the years, his small congregation met in various locations due to a lack of funding for a permanent worshipping area. However, the Town of Gilbert didn’t really appreciate his use of signage, saying the signs violated several town laws. Signs, according to the town, cannot be placed earlier than 12 hours prior to the service, and must be removed one hour after the service ends. In addition, the town’s attorney argued that the signs did not meet the standard regulation size of no more than 6 square feet. Read More