Family Business Succession Planning 101

family succession planning

A whopping 90 percent of businesses across the nation are family-owned. Odds are this means you either know someone who is part of a family-owned business or are involved with one yourself. While the casual nature of working with family definitely has its perks, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your business for the future.  Approximately half of such companies have no succession plan in place.  So, to help your family-owned business stick around, let’s look at some of the basics of business succession planning. Read More

Best Small Business Blogs For Owners and Entrepreneurs

The Best Small Business Blogs

Working with small businesses on a daily basis, and being one ourselves, we spend a lot of time on small business blogs. In light of this we wanted to highlight what we believe are the best small business blogs on the web. Check out the blogs below, in no particular order, and read them regularly to get all the information you might need as an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for resources to grow your business. Read More

Designing Your Own Custom Wall Decals

We recently launched our e-commerce site in October of 2012. As such, people are still getting familiar with who we are and what we can do. While we know that we can do amazing things (did we mention our production facility is Ferarri Color – an award winning and world famous print shop that’s been around since the 1980’s?), not too many people except us and previous customers are fully aware of just what we can do. Read More