Ironic Sign Worth a $750 Fine

by , November 4th

We just had to post this since it happened right here in our backyard. First, look at the ad on the semi:


No explanation needed for the photo below:

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signs Now Offers Next Day Shipping

by , November 3rd

next day shipping feature

They say good things take time. But with world-class technology and production, that time can now go by pretty fast. Like one-day fast.

We are happy to announce that is now offering one day production. This means that as long as you finalize your order before 5 pm EST it will ship out the next day!

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Promoting Your Haunted House

by , October 16th

promoting your haunted house feature

According to Matthew Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation, Halloween is one of the “fastest-growing consumer holidays”  in the United States. To point, the NRF estimates that 2014 Halloween spending will be an estimated 7.4 billion while other estimates put it at 11.3 billion!

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80 Military Homecoming Signs & Ideas

by , September 29th

military homecoming signs feature image

Perhaps no better evidence exists of how much homecomings mean than how often these stories and videos go viral on the internet. There are an innumerable number of these videos on the web showing the surprise homecoming (often someone returning from a military deployment) to a waiting family or spouse. These videos are touching and bring a smile to the face of any person that might be watching not to mention the shrieks and tears of those actually involved.

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How to Market Your Pumpkin Patch and Be Profitable

by , September 23rd

promoting your pumpkin patch

Everywhere you look you see shades of red, orange and yellow. The air is filled with scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and candy apple. Halloween decorations overflow store shelves, and football games are on everyone’s weekend plans. Fall has officially arrived.

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Do Political Signs Work? Running an Effective, Legal Sign Campaign

by , August 13th

Campaign Yard Signs

It’s an age old question: which came first, the campaign sign or the campaign supporter? Okay, maybe not, but inquiring minds (not to mention political candidates, campaign strategists, and voters) want to know: do political yard signs really work? That is, do they convert casual sign observers into bona fide voters? In the paragraphs that follow, we explain what exactly political signs do and don’t do. On the whole, we make the case that whether you’re running for school board or Senate, campaign signs will be a valuable part of your overall election strategy.

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50+ Ideas For LDS Missionary Farewell & Welcome Home Parties

by , August 5th

missionary farewell and welcome home party ideas feature

Today there are nearly 85,000 missionaries serving full time missions for the LDS Church. This huge increase in missionaries stemming from President Thomas S. Monson’s age requirement change in October 2012 has also led to a huge increase in farewell and homecoming/welcome home parties.

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5 Online Fundraising Tools for Non-Profits

by , August 1st

Non-Profit Fundraising feature

Raising money for a non-profit or institution is a commendable, yet arduous, undertaking. While the common phrase may be “it takes money to make money,” non-profits do not have the luxury of endless disposable dollars to pour into fundraising efforts.

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How To Attract Customers To Your Store During Summer

by , July 22nd

how to attract customers to your store - feature image

Summer can be a slow season for many retail stores, unless of course you sell swimsuits and sandals or pool supplies. Many people spend their summers going on vacations so businesses, typically smaller businesses, tend to experience slower days both from a revenue and store traffic perspective during these few months.

But this unfortunate trend doesn’t have to be experienced by your business. While other retail stores have decreases in customers, online traffic and revenue, you can have increases. And while summer sales can be a great tactic for retail stores, you can’t always have a sale!

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State-by-State Guide to Pool Signage and Fencing Requirements

by , July 17th

Swimming Pool Sign and Fence Laws Feature

For all its charms, pool ownership comes with some weighty responsibilities. To help pool owners and operators meet the challenging task of making sure that their pools are safe, we have put together a description of pool sign and fencing laws in all 50 U.S. states, as well as information about general pool issues such as insurance, liability, and safety measures.  

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