World’s Largest Banner to Guard Delicate Arch

Banner on Delicate ArchPhoto Courtesy

The iconic Delicate Arch is about to be protected for generations to come.  A massive vinyl mesh material will soon encase the entire structure. has been selected along with Ferrari Color to create the huge protective covering that will keep the monument in pristine condition.


“This is an enormous task for our team,” said Kirk Green, CEO of  “The arch is over 65 feet (20 Meters) tall and 290 feet (88 Meters) from base to base.  This definitely will be one for the ages.”


“We are just so proud to bring our expertise to such a challenging need,” said Marty McGhie, CFO and Principal of Ferrari Color.


Geologists have noticed the recent deterioration and believe that, without intervention, the arch will crumble within a few hundred years.  “We cannot just stand by and watch this piece of our heritage dissolve into a heap of rocks,” said Ivey Gespurtt, of the U.S. Geological Survey.  “It is part of our trust, and we will step up to make certain that we keep that trust.”


Wind, rain and temperature are taking their toll on this handsome arch.  Every year, more and more of the rock breaks off.  At some point it will finally cave in on itself.


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